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Hard-working fuels for the hard-working vehicles of hard-working people.

Murphy USA serves approximately 1.6 million customers in 23 states in the U.S. every day. A lot of hard-working people depend on our gas to get them where they are headed, while saving them money in the process. So, at Murphy USA, you'll always find quality fuels that keep your vehicle working as hard as you do. 

Fuel Quality Guarantee

All Murphy USA gasoline and diesel products meet or exceed government regulations, and are inspected at the terminal to guarantee quality before transport. We also implement a number of systems at our stores which allow us to monitor the quality of our fuels 24 hours a day.

Ethanol and Diesel



E-10 (10% Ethanol, 90% Unleaded Gasoline)

Ethanol is a high-octane, clean-burning fuel that is domestically produced from corn and other grains and helps reduce our dependence on foreign sources of oil. Every car manufacturer selling vehicles in the United States approves the use of 10% ethanol blends (E10) in their engines.

E-85E-85 (85% Ethanol, 15% Unleaded Gasoline)
As part of our commitment to renewable fuels, we are currently testing this product, and hope to expand its usage as it becomes more readily available.




Ultra-low-sulfur diesel (ULSD) is a cleaner-burning diesel fuel with a maximum sulfur content of 15 parts per million (ppm). Murphy USA has proudly been offering this product at our stations since early 2008.

BiodieselBio Diesel
A cleaner-burning diesel fuel made from natural, renewable sources. As part of our commitment to renewable fuels, we are currently testing this product in a number of locations and hope to expand its usage as it becomes readily available. View our Bio-Diesel brochure.

Winterized DieselWinterized Diesel
Specially formulated to provide extra starting power in cold weather, it is guaranteed not to freeze in temperatures down to -20°F. Available at participating locations October 1–March 31.

Murphy USA Renewable Fuels

Murphy USA is proud of our commitment to the environment and our ability to offer renewable fuels at our convenience stores.

  • E-10 Ethanol Blended Fuel: Available at over 700 Murphy USA stations across the country.
  • E-85 Ethanol: Currently in test phase and available at our station in Washington, MO.
  • ULSD: Available at all our Murphy USA diesel locations.

To learn even more about quality Murphy USA fuels, please call us at 870.875.7600.