core values

MUSACorporate-AboutUs-CoreValuesWe strive to deliver high-quality fuels at competitive prices to approximately two million drivers every day.

And while we cannot always control the fuel prices set by our suppliers, we can make a promise to provide the best possible service and friendly attitude at more than 1,200 Murphy USA and Murphy Express stations nationwide. 

In order to deliver on that promise, we rely on our core values to guide each employee to ensure every trip to Murphy USA results in miles well spent.

  • Integrity: Openness, honesty and doing the right thing
  • Humble Leadership: Support your team members, regardless of job titles
  • Superior Performance: Be committed to success every day
  • Responsibility: Accountability in our jobs — take pride in our work
  • Communication: Listen to our customers
  • Celebration: Appreciate and acknowledge our successes as a team

These core values help us set the standard for great service, great prices and high-quality gas, so that Murphy USA continues to be the Go-to Place for our customers.

Come visit us today and see our core values in action.

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