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These are the people we depend upon to help us deliver the best prices, friendly service, and the means for our customers to go farther.


In 1996, when Murphy Oil Corporation was eager to open a retail store in order to market the gas it was producing, they looked to create a way to get low prices on gas to customers in the most convenient locations. In the end, they settled on creating a tie between the new gas station, Murphy USA, and the world’s largest retail seller — Walmart. By placing Murphy USA stations next to Walmart locations, customers could complete several errands and experience tremendous savings in a single trip. 

The partnership — Murphy USA and Walmart — shares a common philosophy: offer low, low prices on the things our loyal customers need, when and where they need them. We honor this philosophy on a daily basis by extending additional fuel discounts to Walmart customers at all our Murphy USA stations. 

Over the next several years, our partnership with Walmart will be a key driver to our growth. Murphy USA plans to continue building out the Walmart "200" near existing and planned Walmart locations across the nation, expanding our offering across even more states and creating a stronger tie to the nation's leading retail brand.