MUSACorporate-AboutUs-CoreValuesWe strive to deliver high-quality fuels at competitive prices to approximately two million drivers every day.

We promise to provide the quickest, friendliest service at more than 1,470 Murphy USA and Murphy Express stations.  In order to deliver on that promise, we rely on Our Principles to guide each employee to ensure every customer's trip to Murphy USA results in miles well spent.

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Be persistently ethical and honest to foster trust.

We carry ourselves with a quiet confidence because we know that – in the long run – our character will speak for itself. We always do the right thing, even when no one is watching. For our team members, this means acting with friendly professionalism, even in challenging situations.


Value and appreciate others.

We encourage and promote diverse approaches in all our thoughts, ideas and actions. We understand the importance of the strengths, experiences and perspectives of others. We are proud to foster an inclusive culture; our team members are humble, helpful and understanding with colleagues and customers alike.



Believe in the power of good actions.

We are committed to the greater good for our team members, company, customers, suppliers and other stakeholders. We are responsible and involved in the neighborhoods in which we live and work as ambassadors of Murphy USA. By respecting the environment and supporting our local communities, we aim to build a stronger, more sustainable company for future generations.


Strive to be the best.

We are highly engaged and truly care about what we do and how we are perceived. We have a strong desire to exceed our customers' expectations. We work closely with each other to drive our success through reliable and consistent execution. Our team members inspire each other to create new approaches and always celebrate successes with enthusiasm.