Fuel America

Keep Energy Costs Low

America’s businesses, cities, towns and citizens need energy — and they need energy prices to be predictable and affordable. We all remember how record-level gas prices strained family budgets all across the country. Today energy prices are lower, but motorists face different and far-reaching, recession-induced challenges.

Low energy costs are important for a strong America.

Now, with an uncertain economy, keeping gas prices at an affordable level is more important than ever for our country as a whole. You might wonder why a company that explores for and produces energy, refines oil products and sells motor fuels would want to promote lower prices.

Two reasons:

  1. If you are a customer, you probably already realize Murphy USA strives to be the lowest-priced seller of fuel in your area. In fact, our business model is premised on providing low prices for our customers.
  2. High gas prices hurt not only your bottom line, but ours too.

Based in El Dorado, Arkansas, Murphy USA is a proud American company that cares deeply about our energy security today and tomorrow.

Click here to write to your elected officials today and tell them what low gas prices mean to you.

To learn more about what you can do to help keep energy prices low, visit www.fuel-america.com.