Frequently Asked Questions

With so many great ways to save at the pump, people are always asking to learn more.


Q. What is a Debit Card Hold?

Debit holds are one of the most confusing and misunderstood processes in banking... even among the banks that issue them! When a debit card is swiped at the pump, a pre-authorization is immediately requested of your bank by Murphy USA. The bank then holds a set pre-authorized amount of your money. (The exact hold amount is determined by your financial institution and it varies widely.)

Once your pay-at-pump transaction is complete, only the amount that was actually pumped is charged to you by Murphy USA. However, even if the amount of your purchase is less than the pre-authorization hold, some financial institutions still require that the hold remain on your account for longer while the funds are fully processed. Your financial institution should be able to provide you with their pre-authorization policy.

Please note that Murphy USA is not holding your funds or charging you for more than your purchase. Only your financial institution can release your funds. Ultimately, your money will be released back into your account by your bank, but the length of time for releasing the money varies. Should you need assistance in asking your bank to release the hold immediately, Murphy USA is always happy to fax a letter on your behalf requesting a release. Please call 855-301-9523 so one of our agents can assist you.

In order to avoid debit holds, feel free to pay with your debit card at the register as no pre-authorization is needed when you sign your receipt. Also, you can use other forms of payment such as credit or any gift card accepted at our stations. Neither of these forms of payment is subject to a pre-authorization hold.

Q. Does Murphy USA offer a rewards program?

YES! Murphy Drive Rewards is the premiere app based loyalty program for Murphy USA. Your Murphy Drive Rewards program is all about helping you get rewarded and ready for the road ahead. With the Murphy Drive Rewards app, you can access Drive Deals that give you savings on snacks, drinks, fuel, and more. You can also rack up points with almost every* Murphy purchase at the pump and in store, and cash them in for Drive Rewards right in the app.

Visit to learn more!

Q. What is the best way to stay updated on promotions and specials?

Murphy USA keeps you posted on the most promotions in a variety of ways including on this site as well as your favorite social media sites.

Follow us on Twitter and Facebook to stay on top of the latest deals and to see what we're doing to stay active in the communities we serve.

Q. Does Murphy USA offer options/discounts for fleet services?

Murphy USA and Murphy Express offer several options for fleet discounts. Learn more about our fleet fuel savings program.

Q. What is the difference between a Murphy USA and a Murphy Express station?

Murphy USA stations are typically located near a Walmart store, and Murphy Express stores are standalone stations. Murphy USA stations tend to be smaller, kiosk-format stores, while Murphy Express stations tend to be larger, traditional convenience store formats. 

Q. How do I contact Murphy USA with questions or comments?

Please feel free to contact Murphy USA Customer Care anytime with questions or comments at 800-843-4298 or

Q. How many Murphy USA stores are there?

We operate more than 1,700 stores in 27 states throughout the country.

Q. How do I find out about employment opportunities?

We have employment opportunities available throughout our regions. Visit our Careers page to find and apply to current job openings.

Q. How often are fuel prices updated on your website/mobile app?

Fuel prices are updated approximately every 5 minutes, so you can be assured that you are receiving the latest prices at your local Murphy USA or Murphy Express station.

Q. Does Murphy USA fuel contain ethanol?

While ethanol is not available at every location, many Murphy USA and Murphy Express stations now carry fuel with up to 10% ethanol.

Q. Can Walmart+ and Murphy Drive Rewards be combined?

Walmart+ and Murphy Drive Rewards are two different programs. Customers CANNOT earn or use Murphy Drive Rewards points on fuel when they choose to use their Walmart+ fuel discount. Customers CAN earn and use Murphy Drive Rewards on merchandise in the store.